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Welcome to my Website!

As many of you know, this is my new hobby for 2014. I've loved honey for years but never even thought about getting a bee hive to make my own. Liz bought me a "trial afternoon" for my birthday with a local beekeeper when we moved to London and I spent a few hours learning from a very nice lady called Camilla Goddard. She's given me loads of tips and advice (mainly what books to read!) and since then i've been hooked! These really are fascinating creatures and i'm very much looking forward to the next few years with my journey with bees.

I originally thought about creating this site mainly so I could write a blog and keep friends and family up to speed with what I was doing. I also thought it would be nice to share some of the photos i've been taking; right from when my hive arrived in the post, through building, installation and the exciting delivery (see photos link above).

Please feel free to comment on the guestbook for any encouragement, jokes or other appropriate thoughts you'd like to share. And look out for the honey which will hopefully be on sale later in the year...